01/06/2012 - Who are the judges for Acqui Prize 2013

Acqui Prize 2013 will be an event of great prestige for the city of Acqui Terme, for the participating artists to collectors and all those who support this event. The imprinting of high quality will be caused by the presence of the jury of the most recognized international experts in graphic art.

Gabriella Locci will preside over the Selection Committee of the incisions that reach the dellla EDITION XI Biennial of Engraving Acqui Terme 2013

12th Gielniak Graphic Arts Competition 2012

Karkonoskie Museum in Jelenia Góra announces 12th Gielniak Graphic Arts Competition.
With great satisfaction we decided to come back to the long tradition of organising international relief print competition.

14/04/2012 - Itinerant exhibition for the first twenty years

The itinerant exhibition stops in Acqui Terme and will be inaugurated Saturday, April the 18th at 18.00 at Palazzo Robellini

28/04/2011 - Donation in memory of Hiroko Okamoto

The International Biennial of Engraving has gained an important recognition that confirms it once again among the great events of world art. Indeed it is among the twenty events in the sector made the subject of donations of works by the Association headed by Olga Mignot-Worm.

2011 - VI International Ex libris Competition

The sixth edition of the Ex Libris will have the honour to be sponsored by the Committee ItaliaCentoCinquanta.

The manifestation of Acqui Terme will come into the national program of celebrations called for 2011: it will be an opportunity for further fame and prestige for Artists participants, the organizers and the whole city.

10/12/2010 - List of the Participants in the X edition

All participants in the tenth edition of the International Biennial of Engraving

27/11/2010 - Meeting of the Jury of Acceptance

Gabriella Locci, Giulia Napoleone, Brita Prinz, Marta Raczek e Anouk Van De Velde, decided the Prize finalists and selection of the most significant works worthy of the investment exposure of the X International Biennial of Engraving.


07/11/2010 - Composition of the Jury of Acceptance Acqui Prize

The Jury of Acceptance of Acqui Prize will be composed as follows:

20/10/2010 - Meeting with the Engineer Luigino Branda

During the evening of Tuesday, the 20th of October, the Sala Belle Epoque of the Grand Hotel Nuove Terme hosted a convivial organized by the Rotary Club of Acqui Terme at which the Engineer Luigino Branda, a native of Rivalta Bormida, reported on the experiences during his volunteer work in L'Acquila, in the month of May.
Specialized in the field of structures and especially in hospitals and safety, he took the invitation of the National Council of the Order of Engineers of Alessandria to go as a volunteer at L'Acquila, after the earthquake on the 6th of April, to contribute to the necessary checks of the stability and viability of the buildings earthquake victims.

During the process, Engineer Branda confirmed the seriousness of the situation Abruzzo, arguing that the condition was well "worse than you could figure out from newspapers and television" and highlighting the importance of the construction of earthquake-resistant houses.

Following the signing of the rotarian "wheel", whose signature has been edited by the prefect Giorgio Frigo, the President Giuseppe Avignolo gave to the engineer Branda the incision winner of the Special Jury Prize Roberta Zamboni, as well as the symbol of Rotary Club.