Welcome to the portal of the Biennial International Engraving Prize. The event is organized by the International Engraving Association, and is sponsored by Acqui Terme Rotary Club, the Piedmont Region, Acqui Terme Council, the CRT Foundation, the Governor of Rotary Club International, District 2032.

Acqui Terme International Biennial aims to support the promotion of contemporary engraving in its traditional techniques: burin, dry point, etching, aquatint, xylography, soft ground, mezzotint; and also other traditional methods used either on their own or together, providing they highlight creative originality.

All works submitted will be acquired by the Biennial, and will be catalogued to become part of the collection of the Museum of Engraving, which is housed in the Paleologi Castle in Acqui Terme.

On behalf of the International Engraving Association, with sponsorship from Acqui Terme Rotary Club, the Piedmont Region, the Cassa di Risparmio di Torino Foundation, Acqui Terme Council, the Governor of Rotary Club International, District 2030.

The Association



A Brief History of the ten International Biennials of Engraving

1993 – The First Biannual - The Acqui Biannual was started by the local Rotary Club whose then President, Giuseppe Avignolo, has been responsible from the beginning right up to today for the promotion of the region through a cultural initiative dedicated to the art of engraving. Angelo Dragone, in his introduction to the catalogue, explained the reasoning behind the initiative: “It doesn’t make engraving a secondary area of artistic effort, but is one almost at the forefront, that’s got nothing to do with mystification […], but is at one with the real problems confronting artists particularly with regard to the boundaries between technique and expression […], and therefore the perfect medium for making a distinctive and valid cultural contribution.”

From the very first days, the award ceremony has been accompanied by a lecture on the history of engraving, given by Paolo Bellini.

There were 46 entrants. There was also a section for thirteen “masters”, invited to participate apart from the competition, amongst whom were names like Calandri, Della Torre, Donna, Mastroianni and Spacal. The winner was Giulia Napoleone with her engraving “Ombre lontane” and in the experimental section, Cristina Pavesi with her mixed-technique work “I segni ritrovati”, other participants included Kantor, Ruggeri and Scano.

Giulia Napoleone e Giuseppe Avignolo

The winner of the First Biannual Giulia Napoleone with her work “Ombre Lontane”


1995 –The Second Biannual - The entrants increased to 54. The winner was André Beuchat with his work on copper “La casa al n. 4”. For the experimental section, there was a distinction for “Viaggio d’inizio” by Gabriella Locci, and the wood engraving prize went to “Girasole” by Alberico Morena. Amongst other “masters” invited to participate were Facchinetti, Ferroni, Mezzadra and Zaliani.

From the 1995 catalogue onwards, the Declaration of Milan on original engraving has been included, giving notice of the willingness of organisers to allow artists time at the Biannual for association and reflection.

1997 – The Third Biannual - For this year, the number of participating artists jumped to 107. In order to attract even more public participation, new initiatives were created: The People’s Jury, the print display, the Omaggio a Giovanni Barbisan and Engraving in Italy in the 20th Century exhibitions, in which were displayed works by Bartolini, Boccioni, Boldini, Calandri, Carrà, Casorati, Castellani, De Chirico, Della Torre, Donna, Galli, Manzù, Marini, Morandi, Music, Plattner, Santomaso, Spacal, Vedova and Veronesi.
More prizes were awarded: The Acqui Etching prize to “La Città” by Agostino Zaliani, the special judges’ prize to the etching “Autunno” by Franco Menegon and the Purchase Prize to Vincenzo Gatti for his etching “Nello studio, di sera”.

1999 – The Fourth Biannual - This year there were 196 artists and two concurrent exhibitions: Omaggio a Mario Calandri and Masters’ Prints, with 100 works from the Bertarelli Collection (from the Palazzo Reale at Milan). This year prizes went to “Uscita del labirinto II” by Bruno Missieri and “Grande fiore”, an etching by Roberto Rampinelli; a special etching prize was given to Tino Aime for “L’eclisse” and the Purchase Prize for “Il dosso e la neve”, an etching by Teodoro Cotugno.

2001 – The Fifth Biannual - The word “international” was added to the name of the competition for the first time, there being some 439 artists participating from 31 different countries. There was a special exhibition dedicated to the works and collection of Benvenuto Disertori, and the competition exhibition was themed around the Fruits of Bacchus.
More prizes were awarded: the Acqui Prize for Engraving went to “Il Carro del Sole” by Lanfranco Quadrio, and the special Jury award to the lino work “A White Bloom” by Jim Samek. The Purchase Prize was awarded to Giovanni Turria for “Oroxarabih”.

2003 - The Sixth Biannual - Some 800 international artists took part in 2003. There was an exhibition titled “Omaggion a Leonardo Castellani” and one themed on the Dreams of Aphrodite. The Acqui Prize was awarded to Livio Ceschin for “Nel sottobosco tra betulle e foglie”, the special Jury prize went to Chen Chao-Liang for “Otro espacio” and the Consorzio Brachetto d’Acqui Prize to Chen Xue Lun for the woodcut “Case”.

2005 – The Seventh Biannual - With some 1,320 artists taking part from Europe, America, Africa and Asia, this was a very special Biannual, celebrating the 100 years of the foundation of Rotary International. The exhibition marked another very special event: the work of Georges Rouault. There was an additional exhibition dedicated to the centenary. The Acqui Award was given to Giovanni Turria for “Spetter Sorra”, an engraving; the special Jury prize was given to the mixed-technique work by Susana Venegas Gandolfo, “Ventana”, the Acqui Prize to Alicia Diaz Rinaldi for the etching “Mas alla silenzio” and the Consorzio Brachetto d’Acqui Prize to Julianna Joos for her work “L’atelier gèomètrique”.

2007 - The Eight edition entirely renewed - “en plein air”, in the town center, in order to involve even the most disattentive bystander. The “ad hoc” exhibition made the artworks’ sight tour perfect and charming. The international jury was composed by Gabriela Aberastury, Enrico della Torre, Elena Pontiggia and Maria Will. The catalogue deeply renewed in its graphic shape. The exhibition, showed by Countries, to underline the international panorama of participants.

Perfect the success formula of prize giving by a non-expert people jury: to Sandro Bracchitta “Acqui Prize 2007”, to Arichi Yoshito “Jury Special Prize”, to Donald Furst “Brachetto d’Acqui Prize”, to Cleo Wilkinson “Purchase Prize” and, newcomer in VIII edition, to Mari Tashiro “Young Artist Acqui Prize”.

2009 – The Ninth edition: The event presents once again the en plein air exhibition. 51 Countries are represented; there has been a big participation of young artists. The Jury, made up of Abderrahmane Aidoud, Eve Kask, Dan Welden and with Giuseppe Avignolo as President, selected 236 works and, among these works, pointed out 26 to be presented in the finals.
Acqui Prize has been awarded, by the Popular Jury, to Man Zhuang, a young Japanese specialist in mezzotint, the Special Prize by the Jury to Roberta Zamboni, the Purchase Prize to Girolamo Russo. The prize offered by Brachetto d’Acqui Consortium has been awarded to the Russian Vladimir Zuev, whereas the Youth Prize has been awarded to Elena Petrocco. In the meantime the V Ex Libris competition takes place having as subject Monferrato: between history and legend; the winners are: Paolo Rovegno, Piazza Vincenzo, Venegas Gandolfo Susana.

2011 - the Tenth Biannual - It develops during the celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of the event and for the 150 years of Unification of Italy. The Jury of Acceptance is all-female: Brita Prinz, Gabriella Locci, Giulia Napoleone, Marta Raczek, Anouk Van De Velde; their contributions are published in the catalogue. The Acqui Prize is assigned to the work Apparenze by the roman engraver Elisabetta Diamanti, realized with the  wax techique; to the black traditional View from the other angle by the serbian engraver Snezana Petrovic is assigned the Jury Special Prize. Put up by CTE spa, the Special Prize is awarded to the work of the engraver Polish Marcin Bialas 10m2; the Consorzio Brachetto d’Acqui Prize to the Human warmth by the argentinian artist Maria Blanca Saccomano; among the works of young artists has been chosen Cavaliere rampante by Andrea De Simeis. The Ex Libris Competition is dedicated to 150 years of the unification of Italy, with lots of interesting participations: the winner is Unification, engraving by Roman Sustov, other two prizes are awarded to Nino Baudino and Veronica Longo. The exhibition is enriched by the events: Tribute to the artists Hitoko Okamoto and Gabriella Locci; "Artisti in erba" - a wonderful initiative with educational workshop dedicated to the engraving and exhibition of the artwork -; "Annullo postale" dedicated to the Biennial.

Partecipanti della VIII edizione della Biennale Internazionale per l'Incisione

Aderne, Isa Agosti, Giuseppe Agostini, Ciro
Aguilar, Blanca Ahmet Sinasi, Isler Aimar, Lucia
Aleman, Saskia Alfraji, Sadik Kwaish Amato, Rosario
Ameneiro, Tony Anichini, Franco Anisuzzaman, Md
Antonini, Ettore Antsygin, Ivan Aprahamian, Mirella
Arangurea, Marta Alejandra Arapi, Dorina Arapi, Holta
Arbaciauskas, Mantas Arcanjo Correia Marques, Maria Joao Ardiles, Marcela Cristina
Arichi, Yoshito Arjona, Juan Alberto Arrigo, Barbara
Ashraf Abbas El - Hady, Ashraf Assisi, Emma Aulmann, Eva
B. Akshay Anand Singh, B. Mannu Lal Bachvarov, Ivan Baeyens, Martin R.
Bagnoli, Mauro Baiocco, Dino Baldecchi, Rossella
Baldi, Eolo Baldo, Laura Balen Susin, Beatriz
Balletti, Alberto Bani, Rakesh Baransel, Zeynep
Barba, Raffaele Barbosa, Consuelo Bardoux, Jo
Barna, Nicolas Gabriel Barth, Ingrid Bartolomeoli, Alfredo
Battistella, Monica Baumgartl, Eva Maria Bazan Arcos, Rodrigo Andres
Beisinghoff, Barbara Bellande, Ana Sofia Bellussi, Fancesca
Benedetto, Mario Bholekar, Shihari Bianco, Esther
Bikic, Bojan Bipocas, Nestor Edoardo Blasbalg, Silvana
Bohem, Roswita Boiani, Maurizio Boisco, Valeria
Bonfanti, Emilia Bordignon, Gabriele Bortoluzzi, Milvia
Boschi, Alberto Bovo, Paola Bracchitta, Sandro
Brambilla, Cecilia Brown, Mary Ellen Bruno, Laura
Brusca, Agnese Buetto, Hector Jose Buffoli, Giuseppe
Bulte, Esra Buratto, Lucia Bureau, Claude
Burlet, Dora Butler, R.H. Bytchkov, Iouri
Cabras, Alessandra Cabras, Claudia Caccaro, Mirta
Cafolla, Maria Rosanna Calderon, Juan Guerrero Calderone, Giuseppe
Campos Dos Santos, Marcia Canau, Antonio Caniggia, Beatrice
Cantino di reino, Bruno Cappelletti, Mauro Caprioglio, Lucia
Carabajal, Guillermo Diego Carbonelli, Virginia Carboni, Lino
Cardenas Gonzalez, Marco Antonio Cargnoni, Giacinto Carleo, Concetta
Carloni, Alessandra Carrara, Andres David Carrara, Linda
Caruajal, Marcela Caruso, Annalicia Cassa, Michela
Castro, Adriano Cataldo, Mario Giovanni Cavanna, Lia
Cecconello, Rosa Censi, Debora Ceriana Mayneri, Clotilde
Cerri, Veronica Maria Sole Cervino, Silvia Ines Chait, Taibe
Chang, Kuan-Pin Chang, Sheng-Kai Chiarella, Elisa
Chiba, Takako Chio Magalhaes, Luciane Chirico, Paolo
Ciaramaglia, Danilo Cicerone, Roberta Cifani, Alfredo
Cincinelli, Patrizia Cipriani, Federica Ciuclea, Ciprian
Claeys, Anje Cobo del Valle, Marta Coccia, Renato
Correa Salinas, Marina De Las Nieves Corrieri, Sergio Cortemiglia, Maria
Costantini, Gianluca Costantini, Paola Maria Cottino, Isidoro
Coulembier Roggiè, Enrique Valerio Cravero, Margherita Cremonesi, Coletta
Crespina, Vittorio Crocco, Franco Croce, Cristina
Curione, Liborio Salvatore Cusimano, Mazia Cywicki, Lukasz
Damas, Amilton Damas de Oliveiro Davicino, Elena Alejandra
De Leon Lucero, Ximena De Bastiani, Silvia De Bolle, Francis
De Franceschi, Sonia De Marchi, Mariana De Maria, Serena
De Nardo, Valentino De Nigris, Anna Maria De Raes, Myriam
De Roovere, Koen De Santis, Marzio Debroux, Jacques
Del Gatto, Antonio Del Giorgio, Barbara Delfini, Pablo
Della Rossa, Maria Gloria Demartini, Duna Dettori, Giovanni
Devoto, Silvia Dewint, Roger Di Già, Luigi
Di Gregorio, Alessandro Di Lonardo, Cristina Di Natale, Iole
Di Sciullo, Patrizio Di Stefano, Fernando Diaz, Estela Marina
Diaz Rinaldi, Alicia Diodati, Giuseppe Discenko, Tatiana
D'Melon, Eugenio Barrios Dominguez, Pilar Donati, Franco
D'Onofrio, Luciana Dossi, Fausta Durbic, Zoran
Echallier Dit Forez, Jean-Claude Egger, Manfred Eguiza, Armando
El Arrovo, Rahima Elphinstone, Robyn Eluf, Lycia Arcuri
enysova, Nina Ercolini, Daniela Erman, Ana
Escobar, Licia Mariela Escribano, Norma Alejandra Fabris, Eda Lani
Fadda, Mario Falciano, Angelo Farina, GiovanniGavino
Fasulo, Maria Cristina Faugno, Francesca Romana Favaretto, Fabio
Favaro, Gianni Fernandes Bresciancini, Natalia Ferreira Da Silva, Sergio
Ferrero, Danilo Ferrie, Claudette Figueroa Chavez, Oscar
Finocchiaro, Pino Fiore, Daniela Fiorese, Cinzia
Fisicaro, Antonio Fontana, Edoardo Fornasieri, Francesco
Forte Laan, Aurelio Francone, Luciana Fuchisawa, Teruaki
Fukasawa, Kari Furst, Donald Furuyama, Jonathan Medina
Fusillo, Concetto Gabardi, Silvia Gaete, Javiera Isabel
Galbiati, Nadia Galli, Carla Gallina, Ferruccio
Gamba, Gianni Gambim Rocha, Adriano Garattoni, Giuliano
Garbajales Ferreiro, Jolanda Garcia, Claudio Luiz Genovese, Vito
Genovese, Nicola Gerard, Johannes Gerardi, Liliana
Gessi, Stefania Gianinetti, Roberto Giordano, Paola
Giorio, Anna Maria Gioia Girardello, Resi Giroud, Caude - Alain
Giussani, Roberto Gnocchi, Alberico Golin, Luigi
Gomez Loet, Daniel Gomez Moscoso, Cristina Gonzales, Monica Andrea
Gonzalez, Laura Gotleyb, Leonardo Goyanes, Nestor Alejandro
Grabador Osorio Bellini, Anselmo Valericio Graham, John Grangier-Durandard, Catherine
Gratta, Maria Beatiz Gravela, Enrico Graziani, Paolo
Gregorietti, Estela Paula Grekas, George Grela, Aleksandra
Grimming, Gilberto Gritti, Calisto Guardincerri, Maria Grazia
Gudelytè, Daiva Gudelytè, Daiva Guerra, Rossano
Guerra, Enrica Guo, Qing Wen Gutierrez, Irma
Habisiak Matczak, Alicja Harraki, Mohssin Hartvig, Edel Johanne E.
Hassler, Elba Erna Sofia Hategan, Florin Hayashi, Asako
Hejary, Angulo Hernandez Castillo, Victor Manuel Hibbard, Karen
Hikko, Harri Hirano, Takako Hong, Seung HYE
Hul, Marisa Iacuzzo, Loredana Ibarra, Eloisa
Ignoto, Claudia Irmi, Claudio Isler, Ahmet Sinasi
Israel, Maura ITO, Azusa Ito, Miyako
Iuliacci, Silvia Jakab, Emeric Jankowski, Jerzi
Janvary, Zoltan Jessy, Jacob Jolicoeur Coté, Lucie
Joos, Juliana Junges, Liane Maria Jussara, Pires
Kaganow, Hudesa Kakiuchi, Makiko Kaneviciene, Danute
Karout, Marwan Katayama G., Fumi Kazimiereniene, Tatjana
Kerin, Hristo Keshav, Malla Keskin, Erkin
Kolev, Vasil Kònya, Abel Kotzev, Krum Ivanov
Kovacic, Bojan Kovacik, Ivan Kowalewski, Solange
Krawiec, Krzysztof Kriauciunaite, Elvyra-Katalina Krogh, Roberto
Kugo, Ikuhiro Kupferminc, Mirta Ladouceur, Louisa
Lamaj, OLSON Lambert Quintal, Sylvie Lamper, Lazlo
Lanari, Lanfranco Lanci, Amedeo Lanna Michelini, Lana
Lanzoni, Remo Lapage, Sandra carol Largo, Jose Luis
Laudadio, Sofia Lavera, Alberto Cesar Lazzari, Paolo
Le Chatelier, Claire Lecato, Caterina Lee, Sang-Eun
Leon, Eduardo Lettnin, Alexandre Li Pira, Emanuele
Lingelli, Federica Lissa, Silvia Lo Russo, Carmela
Longo, Veronica Lopez Bohorquez, Carolina Lori, Fiorella
Lozano Peguero, Luanda Amelia Lucas, Leonardo Luciano, Stefano
Lucidi, Fabrizia Luque, Cecilia Macalos, Glaè Eva
Maglioni, Anna Mahler, Melanie Maillard, Maurice
Maio, Melissa Malyshko, Oksana Malyshko, Mykola
Manno, Vittorio ManoJlin, Martin Manojlin, Martin
Manthanee, Napanang Mantovani, Licia Manzotti, Sara
Marangon, Stefano Marci, Alberto Marco Del Pont, Celia Maria
Margheri, Raffaello Mariani, Mariangela Maringelli, Francisco Josè
Markaki, Jenny Martellacci, Ilaria Martin, Michel-Andre
Martini, Armando Martini, Barbara Masaaki, Ohya
Massenzio, Germano Massimi, Giulio Mastroleo, Sandra Liiliana
Matteini, Giorgio Mattila, Anna Maija Mattocci, Rita
Mavilia, Giovanna Mazzarella, Enrica Mealla, Oscar Fernando
Mearini, Pier Fancesco Mei Chen, Tseng Mele, Antonio
Melnikova, Ekaterina Menegon, Claudio Merati Foscarini, Gualtiero
Mercandetti, Fabiola Miano, Antonino Mignogna, Ines
Milica, Rakic Minchiante, Luisa Minotto, Raffaele
Minzi, Stefano Miracola, Giacomo Miranda, Andrè De
Miyamoto, Wayne Modolo, Bonizza Mohallatee, David
Molena, Elena Mombelli, Eugenio Monaco, Maria Elena
Moncayo, Viviana Monorchio, Matteo Natale Montagna, Maria Chiara
Montaner Morales, Carlos Alberto Montemurro, Marcela Montini, Danilo
Monzo, Elena Moraru, Ortansa Mosele, Ivo
Mukhamehyanov, Ilshat Mùller, Michelé Giuliana Mura, Marco
Murakam, Kae Murakami, Mika Nabil Abdel Salam, Mohamed
Najles, Cecilia Nakano, Hiron Nasso Grienti, Paola
Natanabe, Kanako Neis, Carla Nichita, Maria
Nicosia, Milena Niedermhausen, Hanne Niyaji, Eri
Nkurumeh, Barthosa Ojeda, Julio Oliveira, Maria do Cén Diel
Onjshchenko, Nadiya Orgaz, Mario Alberto Orosz, Istvan
Ortega, Luciana Maria Ortolani, Sabrina Otazua, Lidia Beatriz
Oyanagi, Kenta Ozzi, Nubia Paiella, Mariangela
Paladino, Lidia Palazzetti, Beatrice Palumbo, Luana
Panaskov, Vladimir Panaskova, Irina Pancera, Roberta
Pannunzio, Marcio Pap, Melinda Paradiso, Mario
Parisi, Mariangela Patsi, Maria Paulon, Silvina
Pavlova, Nadezhda Pavolucci, Fabrizio Pavoncello, Vittorio
Paz Levozan, Hilda Pecci, Guido Pelissero, Mariella
Perathoner, Michael Peres, Janaina Sueli Pereyra, E. Daniel
Perillo, Danilo Roberto Perisano, Maria Perisano, Renato
Petringa, Massimo Petrò, Paolo Piano, Ivan
Piantà, Nella Piasco Elli De, Susana Adelaida Piazza, Vincenzo
Picella, Maria Felice Pienatti, Maria Luiza Bozola Pietrantonio, Renèe
Pileggi, Carlos Poignon, Nicolas Pola, Carlo
Polasek, Marika Polcari, Pina Poletto, Severino
Polliotto, Betina Poneti, Vincenza Porporato, Luisa
Poskovic, Endi Prévost, Laurence Probani, Jean Paul
Puglisi, Patrizia Quadraccia, Daniela Quaglieri, Rosa
Quintanar Martinez, Francisco Daniel Radeva, Silvia Rafiee, Tarlan
Ragno, Pantaleo Ramel, Nicolas Rameri, Alessandra
Ramires, William Roberto Ramirez Pedraza, Dario Ivan Ramos Palacios, Alberto
Ravazzani, Massimo Ravecca, Leonardo Razeto, Teresa
Relyveld, Martine Renzi, Ermenegilda Restovic, Cristina
Reyes-Pineda, Zoila-Angelica Riccardi, Antonietta Riccardi, Andrea
Rigattieri, Giovanna Righini, Valerio Rigoli, Denise
Rinelli, Simona Ritter, Barbara Rizzelli, Angelo
Robin, Gabriela Rodriguez, Andre Roggio, Salvatore
Ronero, Aaron Rosas Giordano, Lorena Beatriz Rossetti, Maria Antonietta
Rossi, Giancarlo Rovelli, Giorgio Rovera, Ornella
Ruggieri, Gabriella Ruggiero, Chiara Russo, Salvatore
Russo, Anna Russo, Girolamo Rysel, Marguerite
Sak, Senol Salgueiro, Julia Barrera Salinas De La Cruz, Carolina
Samek, Jiri Samimi Mofakham, Yashar Sammarchi, Stefania
Sampieri, Giacomo Sanchez, Pedro Sanchez, Mara
Sanchez, Helene Erika Sanchez Cardoso, Joào Sandu, Adrian
Sandura, Luca Santamaria, Sergio Santiago, Reynaldo
Santiago-Rodriguez, Isaac Santos Rocha, Eliane Sapuppo, Umberto
Sasseville, Stella Scabini, Flavia Scafidi, Giovani Pasquale
Scandurra, Tiziana Scaramella, Gaia Scarnati, Stefania
Schacht, Iris Editha Sciacca, Giuseppe Scognamiglio, Marina
Scotto, Aniello
Sejma, Prodanovic SEO, Yun - Jung Sepulveda Cabrera, Sofia Andrea Carolina
Serafini, Andrea Sereikaitè, Jolanta Setembrini, Marisa
Severi, Veronica SgorbanI, Silvia Shatsila, Yuliya
Shilling, Agella Shimada, Gian Shirasu, Jun
Sicchiero, Maurizio Sie, Jhen - Yuan Silenzi, Alessandra
Silva Alves Goncalves, Cassia Smets, Jean Solari Montenegro, Miguel Antonio
Song, Ji-Xin Sritrakulkitjakarn, Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn, Verapong
Stefanovic, Vida Stigliano, Maria Rosaria Stor, Laura
Stuglik, Grzegorz Sumaquiero Gutmann, Isadora Sutera, Sonia Lucia
Szunyoghy, Andras Tamburini, Guido jr Tamosiùnas, Virginijus
Tarantino, Franco Tashiro, Mari Tassiello, Michele
Tau, Ricardo Templeton, Tracy Tobia, Elisa
Tognarelli, Gianfranco Tognon, Paolo Toker Jawerbaum, Eva
Tomaselli, Maria Tomaselli, Adelheid Tomasi, Fulvio
Tomboletti, Elisabetta Tonelli, Eugenio Tonelli, Roberto
Tonietto, Renato Torre, Anna Toyoda, Yuko
Trepiccione, Patrizia Trucco, Liviana Tsuritani, Konki
Tumiati, Vito Tuna, Ercan Urso, Pasquale
Usui, Chikako Vaccari, Raffaella Vairo, Loredana Francesca
Valenti, Luisa Valeri, Camillo Van Belleghem, Geert
Varela, Marcos Vasconi, Franco Vecchio, Antonio
Velazques Ceballos, Karlos Antonio Venegas Gandolfo, Susana Venturi, Carla
Venturoni, Roberto Vera, Fernando Marcelo Verdin, Daniel
Verluyten, Marie Rose Verme Mignot, Olga Verna, Gianni
Viana, Moreno Videla, Liliana Beatriz Vieira, Gabriel
Viglianisi, Dina Vigolo, Giuseppe Vilutiene, Nijole
Vinamata, Carolina Vittozzi, Gaia Viva, Gisela Cecilia
Vivoda, Ana Voboril, Mariela Silvano Wakamatsu, Kyoko
Wijnhorst, Inez Wilkinson, Cleo Michele Willerup, Jorgen
Winczek, Katarzyna Yagues Ferandez, Moises Yanakiev, Ivo Sotirov
Yano, Akemi YAO, Zhi tian Yelagina, Irina
Yonsel, Mahpeyker Zaghi, Mikol Zaksis, Zygimantas
Zampogna, Maria Luisa Zhuang, Man Zoli, Gelsomina
Zulietti, Luiz Fernando


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