28/04/2011 - Donation in memory of Hiroko Okamoto

The aim of this Association is to keep alive the memory of the artist Hiroko Okamoto, a member of the Japanese engraving from 1982. During his career he has received numerous awards and exhibited with Moore, Enzo Cucchi, Jean-Michel Folon, Pierre Alechinsky and Claes Oldenburg.

He produced more than 3.000 drawings and engravings with etching technique, with a constancy almost obsessive, and has perfected a style combination of simplicity and refinement, putting the details in the foreground and devotes much attention to the representation of the fabric of a sofa or a leaf; remember in fine detail the technique of embroidery.

In the fall of 2001 Hiroko moved to Paris and began a new series of drawings and engravings on the theme of nature that connect the mind Shinto Artist: The sheet contains the forest, the blade of grass on the lawn, and the drop of rain in the sea is a haiku.

In 2007, during a visit to Tokyo died at fifty. In his honor has formed an association of artists and collectors in order to keep alive the memory of his art.

The acquisition of works by Hiroko Okamoto by the Association International Biennial of Engraving has been the result of contact with Olga Mignot-Worm, president of the Association dedicated to Hiroko: they are received in Acqui fourteen works that will be exhibited or loaned to any other cultural institutions to publicize the work of the artist.

Here are the other 19 institutions, chosen with the International Biennial of Engraving, which were directed donations:

Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Ville de Saint-Ouen (France)
Centre de la Gravure et de l'Image Imprimée La Louvière (Belgique)
Artothèque d'Amiens (France)
Artotec Lons-le-Saunier (France)
Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (France)
Maison de la Méditerranée, Médiathèque de Carcès (France)
Médiathèque Hermeland, Saint-Herblain (France)
Médiathèque Benjamin Rabier, La Roche-sur-Yon (France)
Bibliothèque Médiathèque, Mulhouse (France)
Fondation Taylor, Paris (France)
Musée Municipal Raymond Lafage, Lisle-sur-Tarn (France)
Association Mouvement Art Contemporain, Chamalières (France)
Artothèque ASCAP, Montbeliard (France)
Musée de Dessin et de l'Estampe Originale, Gravelines (France)
Médiathèque Michel Crépeau, La Rochelle (France)
Les Moyens du Bord, Morlaix (France)
Université Catholique du Perou, Lima
Museu Olho Latino Atibaia, Brasil

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