01/06/2012 - Who are the judges for Acqui Prize 2013

RackzekMarta Rackzek: historical and art critic, researcher at the Faculty of Arts in Cracow and vice president of the Triennial in Krakow. She's consultant at Katowice Audio Art Festival in Krakow and Gdynia and New Music Society "avantgarde tirol". She has curated more than twenty exhibitions in Poland and Italy. Editor of the journals of art and culture and Exit Odra, and even New Polish Art, Obieg, Opcje, Arteon, Zadra, she's also the author of critical essays by film.

de FranciscoChema de Francisco: art and music critic, he's recognized conesseur graphics, photography and video and reference for collectors in the manifestations of ARCO, ParisPhoto, PhotoLondon, PhotoMiami, ArtBeijing, CIGE Pekin, PreviewBerlin, Dfoto. Director of "Estampa" Feria de Arte Multiple Madrid, like our Venice Biennale, collaborating with Ie most important institutions and museums in Spain. Expert on the work of Pablo Palazuelo graphics, he has published critical essays on the work of graphic José Manuel Broto, Miquel Barceló, Darío Urzay, Antoni Tapies. He collaborates with the Museum of Contemporary Engraving de Español, Museo Municipal de Málaga, Fundación Rodríguez Acosta de Granada, Caja Granada, Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo en Alicante, Fundación Mercedes Calles en Caceres, Instituto Cervantes intaglio Nacional in Madrid.

locciGabriella Locci: Professor of Engraving and Printing Techniques at the European Institute of Design in Cagliari, she was part of the "Interdisciplinary Group for Research and Experimentation" of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Cagliari, president of Casa Falconieri, structure testing and research in printmaking, promotes and implements workshops in Italy and abroad: "Taller de Grabado experimental" in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cuenca, for Ingrafica, the Consorcio Goya Fuendetodos and Ikas-Art in Bilbao. She was invited to Romania by the Ministry of Culture as an "artist in residence" and in 2011 "Artist in Residence" at the Centre d'Art Contemporain de Essaouira in Morocco.

From 2006 to 2010 represents the Italian Ministry of Culture in the Fondazione Teatro Lirico di Cagliari. And 'creator of the exhibition project MAT, curator of the project "The Places of the Sign", "Travelers / Viajeros." In 2010, he received the prize of the critics of Estampa "Feria Internacional de Arte Multiple Contemporary, In 2011 she was invited to LIV Biennale of Venice.

kramerEnk de Kramer, member of the Academie Royale de Belgique Flamande pour la Science et l'Art, professor of graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gent, he has exhibited his graphic works worldwide. Leading contemporary engraving workshop in Belgium, Italy and South Africa. Master of abstract lyricism, using drypoint engraving techniques from the slot with the added ingredients of personal and multiple printing techniques that allow him to get "limited editions", sometimes unique works. His experimentation has created a technique "de Kramer." It 's very known in the international art world for his theories on the "reproducibility" of the graphic replaced by "repeatability

aguilar1José Maria Luna Aguilar, elected as the new director of the Fundación Pablo Ruiz Picasso - Museo Casa Natal at the end of May 2011. Until then, and since 2009, he has been director of the Foundation of the Museum of Contemporary Engraving Español Marbella. Previously, he was director of the Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta, Granada, between 2003 and 2009, and until 2003 was responsible for the Fundación Museum of Contemporary Engraving in which he participated actively in 1992.

baccalarioPierdomenico Baccalario, as representative of Acqui Prize 2013 engraving, writer, author of adventure novels for children translated now into a dozen languages, journalist and writer.