Frequently Asked Questions

Entering the Acqui Prize

  • How can submissions be sent?
  • Submissions must be packed carefully in order to avoid any possibility of damage, and must show the following : PRINTED MATTER WITH NO COMMERCIAL VALUE.
  • When should submissions be sent?
  • Submissions must reach us by 30 September 2012. Any work reaching us after that date will not be accepted.
  • What should be sent?
  • The original engraving, a photographic reproduction of it and the completed and signed enrolment form.
  • Who should submissions be sent to?
  • Submissions and all material must be sent to:
    Premio Acqui 2013
    Associazione Biennale Internazionale per l’Incisione
    Piazza Italia 9 – 15011 Acqui Terme (AL) – Italia


  • What size should the print be?
  • Prints must accord with the following measurements:
    Min. 250x350 mm; Max. 500x700 mm. Larger prints will not be accepted for the
    prize and will not be returned.
  • Should prints be framed?
  • Prints must not be framed nor have a passe-partout.
  • Can a previously published or printed submission be exhibited?
  • No, previously published or exhibited work cannot be submitted.
  • What kind of backing can be used for prints?
  • Paper based backing.
  • Which techniques can be used?
  • Traditional techniques.
  • Should submissions be signed by the author?
  • All authors must sign their work, including their full name on the reverse side.
  • How many submissions can be entered by one author?
  • One work only.
  • Can work completed three years ago be submitted?
  • Only works completed after 1 January 2011 can be submitted.


  • How should the enrolment form be filled in?
  • All parts must be filled in using block capital letters.