XI Biennial Exhibition of Engraving - Rules 2013


Art.1 The XI Edition of the International Biennial for Engraving and Acqui Prize 2013 are organised by the International Biennial Association for  Engraving and they are supported by the Rotary Club of Acqui Terme,  by the Region of Piedmont, the Province of Alessandria, the Town Council of Acqui Terme and C.R.T. Foundation.

Art.2 The Biennial is open to any engraver and entry into the competition is free.
Each artist can enter the competition only with one work completed after January 1st,  2011, in compliance with the principle of originality stated by the “Declaration of Milan” in 1994.
The work must neither have had, until that time, a regular run,  nor have been exhibited in any other Prize competition or public event.
The work must be printed on a sheet of minimum size 250x350 mm and not exceeding 500x700 mm size. All works outsize won’t be accepted and  they  won’t be returned to sender.
Works can’t be in a frame or in a passe-partout.

Art.3 Each artist should send one copy of his/her work and a photograph or a laser photocopy of the same (180 x 240 mm size) with the title of the work, the technique and the year of completion, the author’s full name and address written in block letters on the reverse side.
In addition the artist must attach the entry-form and each part of the form must be properly filled in.
This form can be downloaded from the website www.acquiprint.it

The entry work and the documentation must be sent to the following address:

Premio Acqui
Associazione Biennale Internazionale per l’incisione
Piazza Italia n. 9 - 15011 Acqui Terme (AL) - Italia

The dispatch of papers, including the work, must bear the following words:
Works must be sent by September 30th, 2012. The works sent after this date will not be accepted.

Art.4 The works entering the competition will be selected by the experienced Jury. This Jury will decide the works to be included in the catalogue, in the exhibition and the works to be submitted to the People’s Jury who decides the winners of the Prizes.

Art.5 The Experienced Jury is made up of academics and critics, specialists in History of Engraving and well known cultural experts – The People’s Jury is made up of citizens from Acqui Terme and  the Monferrato district.

Art.6 The first prize, Acqui Prize, of  € 5.000 will be awarded in 2013 on the occasion of the International Biennial  Opening Ceremony. The Jury reserves the right to set up other prizes. – The awarding of
the prizes implies that the artist has to surrender the mould (plate) and to transfer his/her rights on the work which will be sent  as follows: 50 engravings with Arabian numbers (1/50 – 2/50 – etc.) and 25 engravings with Roman numbers  (I/XXV – II/XXV – etc.).

Art.7 At the end of the exhibition, all the works received won’t be returned, but they will be kept and displayed in the Museum of Engraving  Collection – Paleologi Castle in Acqui Terme.

Art.8 The Management of the International Biennial of Engraving reserves the right to exhibit the above mentioned works also in other  Exhibition Centres.

Art. 9 By entering into the Competition, artists will accept all rules and regulations.


Click here to view the Entry Form.


Premio Acqui
Associazione Biennale Internazionale per l’Incisione
Piazza Italia n. 9 - 15011 Acqui Terme (AL) ITALY
TEL. N. +39 0144 57937 FAX N. +39 0144 57626
Internet http : www.acquiprint.it
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